The Rev. Dr. Donald D. Denton Received Chewning Award for Distinguished Service to VIPCare

The Rev. Dr. Donald D. Denton, VIPCare's respected counselor and Director of Assessments, Publications and Education, received the Chewning Distinguished Service Award for his dedication to VIPCare by the Board of Directors on Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

The Rev. Dr. W. Victor Maloy presented the award with a speech that shared highlights and stories from Dr. Denton's career.

VIPCare's Board of Directors applauded Dr. Denton's work and leadership, and his efforts to promote and guide VIPCare's mission and outreach.

In 1997, the Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care established the Chewning Distinguished Service Award to recognize individuals for their outstanding service to VIPCare. The award was named for its first recipient, Charles C. Chewning, who made significant contributions to the agency’s success.

Past Chewning Award recipients include Barbara King,William Propert, Dennett Slemp, Audrey Harris, Mary Fran Hughes McIntyre, A. Patrick L. Prest, Jr., and Sister Cora Marie Billings.