Founded in 1967, VIPCare is an interfaith, not-for profit counseling and educational institute, and one of the oldest and leading pastoral counseling centers in the nation.

VIPCare is accredited by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors as a counseling and training center, and is a recipient of the Distinguished Program Leadership Award, given by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors for outstanding contributions in the field of pastoral counseling.

Our Mission

The mission of the Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care is to restore healing and hope through counseling and education.

“I serve on VIPCare’s Board of Directors because counseling makes a difference to someone suffering—from depression, anxiety, family discord, the stress of financial instability, aging, addiction—any emotional struggle.

VIPCare offers a safe place to receive compassion and support. Our community needs the services VIPCare provides.”
— Sister Cora Marie Billings, Sisters of Mercy, VIPCare Board Member

vipcare has helped more thAn 100,000 clients since its founding in 1967.

  • VIPCare’s services are open to everyone. 
  • More than 40% of clients receive financial assistance through the Counseling Aid Fund to cover the cost of their counseling.
  • In 2015, more than 45% of  VIPCare’s counseling sessions were underwritten in part through the Counseling Aid Fund. 
  • More than 2,024 counseling hours provided through the Counseling Aid Fund (or 45% of VIPCare’s total counseling hours of 4,045).
  • The Counseling Aid Fund provides support for counseling sessions based on client need; no one is turned away from VIPCare’s  counseling services because of an inability to cover the cost of care. 
  • VIPCare relies on private donor support to provide affordable mental health care. 
  • As a mental health care provider, VIPCare abides by  privacy laws related to confidential client data. 

More about VIPCARE

VIPCare's services are available in 7 counseling locations, including Ashland, Charlottesville, Williamsburg and Roanoke and the main office on Bremo Road in Richmond.

VIPCare serves more than 900 children, teenagers, families, couples and individuals including seniors 65+ each year.

In 2008 the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate passed House Joint Resolution #292, recognizing VIPCare’s outstanding leadership and contribution to the field of pastoral counseling and education in the Commonwealth of Virginia. That was followed by a proclamation from the Office of the Governor, additionally recognizing VIPCare’s contributions.

VIPCare counselors are trained mental health professionals, many of whom are also practicing clergy. Many are certified as pastoral counselors by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors; some are licensed as professional counselors and marriage and family therapists by the Virginia Board of Professional Counselors.

VIPCare counselors have a unique sensitivity to the dynamics of behavior and faith, and base their counseling on:

  • A belief that healing involves questions of meaning and value as well as symptom relief
  • A belief that a caring relationship is basic to healing
  • A belief in the inherent human need for personal and relational wholeness
  • VIPCare counselors work in conjunction with medical, psychological, and psychiatric consultants. Referrals are made to other professionals when appropriate.